Dear America,
Thanks so much for helping me to bring balance to my mind, body and soul. You are the best!
Sincerely, Deborah - San Diego 2006
Thank you so much America for your wonderful service and the quality of your recommendations. We appreciated getting the pills so quickly and we simply loved all the personalized touches you add to them. You are truly exceptional and we will certainly come back to you and refer you to all our family & friends.
With warm regards,  Michelle - San Diego 2004
Hi America,
Just wanted to thank you for doing such of great job on my muscle problems. It was worth it to drive all the way from Riverside. You helped me enjoy the trip even more!  Thanks and will see you soon, Larry Wade - Sept 24, 2003
If you have a hesitation:
We have been to many world class spas and no one compares to America's "Body Treatment"- as she calls her work - They are simply the best. Her talent, knowledge, experience and desire to be the best makes her work a wonderful combination. She is not only  a Therapist, she is a friend, a confidant, a Mentor, a true "HEALER".  In the past years we have received the absolute pleasure of a 1.5 hour combination of Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy and Hot & Cold Stone Therapy. It is difficult to describe because, to be quite frank, the experience leaves you speechless. Not only is her “presence “calming and centering, but her medical awareness of anatomy commanding. America is priceless!
A.J. & Family - Los Angeles 2007
"I've been a student, practitioner, and recipient of massage for 17 years, and I'm very particular in choosing my massage therapist. America, is the best I've found. She's very knowledgeable, grounded,  Intuitive, more than a practitioner, she is a Healer, and tuned into his client. She constantly  continues to learn new massage techniques, new modalities, plus, the use of all the oils and creams are organic,  that make her even more expert in her craft. Through my sessions with Ms America I've come to trust in the healing power of massage. and I never miss a week" She has been my Counselor, my friend, my Therapist, my coach for the past 6 years!
Barbara Hamilton - San Diego June 19, 2007 
AMERICA," is the best Holistic Practitioner I have ever encountered.  As a Body Therapist, she was able to work out areas that I never thought possible. America  is great with deep tissue and fascial massage, accurately assesing what is going on with the body. In addtion, she can make healthy suggestion for nutrition, supplements and/or herbs. She is  very tuned in with the person she is working on."  MIKE W.  Los Angeles, California
To whom may concern:
 America, has a great awareness of the body's anatomy and really understands how to promote healing within it. Great massage therapist who I refer my training clients to regularly."
Jonathan Seymour - Personal Trainer San Diego, February 12, 2006
" America, is the most grounded massage therapist I have worked with; her hands are connecting rods to the universe. I've traveled all over the world and am a constant recipient of all kinds of massages w/ different modalities, and can proudly say " SHE IS THE BEST...THE BEST... A HEALER"  She has a gift, and the knowledge to read, and heal your body, mind, and soul. Bless her hands"
Katharine M. - San Diego, CA December 2005


Dear America:
Am writing this in hopes that it will ease any anxiety anyone may have when deciding to put their heath in your hands. I know that for me, it has been one of the BEST things I have ever done.
Before I sought out Longevity, I had been suffering form Allergies, Asthma, Lung Disease and Palindromic Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had been under the care of 5  Western-Medicine doctors and prior to that more than I care to count. For as long as I can remember, I had been in some sort of pain and breathing had always ben a chore. I survived by taking seven medications every day; of course saying  "survived" is a serious overstatement. The medications kept me so drugged up that I would walk around in stupor. Three years ago, my health too a turn for the worse, which is actually laughable because I did not think it could get any worse. The doctors conducted a bunch of exams and came to the conclusion that there was very little they could do for me. Even so, they decided to go ahead with a treatment to keep the conditions from worsening. After undergoing the threader treatment and finding out that it had failed, I decided it was time to try something different.
That is where you and your clinic came in. You were able to accomplish more in my healing in three months than all those doctors did in the last 20 years. I cannot express what  a joy it its to wake up every day and not be in some kind of pain. The little things that I could not do, like brushing my hair or even giving myself a bath, are now possible. I can think clearly since I no longer take the myriad of pills I had been enslaved to and I actually have energy to work out!! My Allergies no longer bother me, which is fantastic. Best of all, I can breathe! Imagine that.
America, I don have the words to tell you just how grateful I am for everything you have done for me. You have been a Godsend. Whenever someone asks me if I know a good doctor, I always tell them I know someone better than that "I know a good healer" "America"

P.S. I even got pregnant! !! gave birth to a beautiful baby gal! which doctor had said it was not possible due to my conditions! Imagine that!

With sincere  gratitude,
Aracely Smith - San Diego August 27, 2005

BioMeridian Testimonials:

In my visit to San Diego my sister highly recommended your services, I have had a lot of back problems, lethargy, high cholesterol and diabetes. Thank you very much for the BioMeridian report. Your detailed report helped save me time, money and assisted me w/ a new decision about my well being.  because it indicated several problem areas that weren't disclosed by the my regular MD yet. This information is quite valuable, especially when making a decision about my life. Great job! John Wright Texas  June 2007
Dr. Escobar
Your BioMeridian report was really good and worth every penny. I wish I had knew about it sooner - you have a really needed worthwhile service-. Will be sending my family and friends to you!  In 8 weeks, my health improved 90%, but when I saw my BioMeridian Score of 460 to to 750, all I wanted to do was jump of happiness. Plus, my diet, has changed my life in every aspect. Physically, mentally and spiritually.
Thank, thank and thank you!  Douglas - July 20, 2007 San Diego

Dr. America
I would just like to write a short note and say how pleased I am with the quality % accuracy of the BioMeridian report that your company provided as part of a nutrition consultation. In addition, all the recommendations that complied w/ the report, I am totally satisfied with your service. Can wait to see my new results in 6 weeks!
Mariane Du bois RN - May 29, 2007 San Diego

I am a bit conservative and have never been someone to go to the doctor, much less get regular checkups. Doctors have always intimidated me with their extensive lingo and quickness to prescribe a medication (at time, they do not even listen or even make eye contact). When I discovered the BioMeridian Assessment I was extremely excited, I was referred by my daughter. The fact that someone could check my overall health and well being without drawing blood was definitely a plus, and give me a chart with a health score?  needed to try it.

So I did the test and found out about current critical conditions that I never knew I had.  The friendliness and honesty that I found in Dr. America, and the staff at Longevity was not comparable with anything else that I have ever encountered.  My condition has totally improved and now I’ve finally found someone that I trust with my health. Mr. John Alburger 'retired Navy'  "God Bless America"

To the wonderful staff at Longevity 
Simply said, I feel so much better than I used to.  After having the BioMeridian test, supplements were prescribed for me in the correct amounts that I need.  I stayed on the program and had a retest several weeks later.  I could actually see my improvement in the readings on the BioMeridian machine the second time I was tested.  A score of 650 to 725,  plus, my well being changed.

I am more comfortable now, not tired.  I feel much more secure about my health…  I highly recommend The BioMeridian Assessment at Longevity along w/ their Standard Process whole food supplements
Sincerely, Timothy Bickmore  San Diego CA.  June 4, 2007